TML Studios is an award winning, Emmy nominated animation studios and production house in the center of Salt Lake City, housed in Utah's Broadview Entertainments and Arts University.


Our team of efficient storytellers, artists, and designers bring years of experience to produce high quality results. From storyboarding scripts, to building a character based animation, every project will produce unexpected, magical results. We have recently been awarded Utah's Best VFX / Animation by the Utah Film Awards and strive to create a place where clients benefit from the top talent, and the talent, local and abroad, can fuel their visions into realities.

The crew at TML is a blast to work with. They collaborate and create to deliver fantastic work on time and on budget. Their help on our pre-productions has helped make post-production a breeze.
— Dylan Amundson, Executive Producer, Drake Cooper
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC.
— Arthur C. Clarke


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TML Studios