Chase the Ball

Chase the Ball is a story about best friends; a tennis ball and his dog named Chase. Told from the tennis ball's perspective during the final day of Chase’s life, the tennis ball reminisces about their time together allowing witness to the formation of a life long bond not even death can break.


In Development

Pinochio and All his Adventures

Pinocchio is a endearing story beloved by audiences throughout the world about a puppet and his journey to become a real boy. TML Studios is taking a new approach to this time honored classic with plans to explore untold adventures with new characters, worlds and stories. The Blue Fairy, Geppetto, Honest John, and even Monstro are all here ready to take you on a fun-filled ride to the edge of the world and back! Stay tuned for updates, new art and characters, news and episodes regarding the ongoing development.

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ZO  is a Sloth who lives in the City

Zo’s just a little sloth who wants to see everything and have lots of friends. That’s why she came to Big City!  But in Big City everything moves so fast, and everything is new to Zo, so many things are hard for her to do.  She’s also quiet, so other animals don’t always notice her, even when they’re her friends.  Fortunately, Zo has lots of patience.  The other thing she has is a different way of seeing everything. Zo’s friends love her because she’s kind and helps them overcome their obstacles.  Zo loves her friends because that’s the way Zo is.

Zo sees the world from a unique point of view.  For starters, most of the time she’s upside down!  Sometimes, just seeing the situation reversed from the way her friends see it gives her a solution to their challenges.  

Be the Ball

Christian wakes up to realize his worst nightmares are a reality when Kick, a soccer ball from the dimension Bounce, ignites Christian with super speed, and monstrous kicking power!  With his diligent friends, Carmen and Sergio, Christian fights Prince Puck’s thirst to retake the Kingdom of Bounce!  Each episode Christian learns more about the game of soccer through a signature” move.  Once the signature move is practiced, Christian and team use their new moves to thwart the invading army.

Each episode wraps with a soccer star teaching the key trick shot used the episode.

Watch Christian, and Earth’s team, unleash their amazing abilities keeping Prince Puck’s monsters at bay!

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